Twin Flames: A Soul United

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In our “Anam Cara” soul regression work, our clients often wish to receive information regarding their Twin Flame soul, and whether they are destined to meet (or already have) in this lifetime. While it is true that we all have a Twin Flame, it is still rare for these two aspects to incarnate together.

First, let us describe what we mean by a “Twin Flame” soul to avoid any confusion here. In the beginning each of us was created from the God spark or Monad; with the one soul containing a divine masculine and divine feminine aspect – an expression of duality designed to stimulate growth and exploration. Each individuated aspect was embodied to experience itself in as many ways as possible creating lifetime after lifetime of personal and spiritual growth. The masculine and feminine aspects are called “Twin Flames” and share one soul. During this period of growth which typically encompasses thousands of years or even eons, many lifetimes pass and in the early stages of development it would be rare for the twin aspects to incarnate in the same lifetime.

However, Twin Flame souls in the multidimensional sense are never apart and, in fact, are in constant communication with each other in and through the Higher Realms. When one aspect is in body, the other will serve as a spirit guide for the personality and soul that is incarnate. The love of your Twin Flame is true and constant! It has only been in relatively recent times that the Twin Flame aspects have reached a degree of soul development that allows them to make agreements to incarnate together. This is still rare, making up only approximately 7% of the current population worldwide. Part of this coming together in third dimensional experience is to allow an opportunity for the individuated divine masculine and feminine aspects to reach a blending and balancing of both aspects and thus move to an eternal fusing as a single entity in perfect wholeness without duality. Additionally, Twin Flames have a special mission to embody at this time, which is to model Unity at all levels of relationship in a way that helps people to deeply and truly experience this Oneness rather than simply conceptualize it. Once true Oneness is our experience we are able to understand, in ways not previously possible, the meaning of being one with all.

These Divine relationships share a partnership with Source in which the most evolved and mature partners have transcended duality, leaving behind the need to compete or seek advantage over one another. There is always a high degree of devotion, love and respect. The two may not share the same skills and talents, but they will always share a life mission which involves being of service in such a way that teaches and models Unity for all life in a global sense.

Twin Flame partners are not always intimate love partners, spouses (either same sex or heterosexual), etc. Depending on their mission and the pre-birth agreements made, they may also choose to embody as siblings, parent and child or other family relationships, or friends. These pairings are less frequent but not uncommon. Other commonalities may include:

  • One or both will experience instant soul recognition upon meeting
  • There will be a sense of having known the other forever and often having detailed knowledge of each other even if they have just met
  • There is a very high degree of what may be described as telepathic communication and intuitive connection
  • Deeply shared values arising from the heart center rather than external influences

Each individual acts as an intense “mirror” in the relationship to encourage balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine and movement toward the merging and Unity of the Twin Flame soul in the world (“as within, so without”). And while it is true that Twin Flames have agreed to accept a leading role in modeling the experience of true Unity in our world at this time, this is something that, ultimately, we must all do, whether we have incarnated with our Twin Flame or not at this time in our planetary development.

And so, the journey of Twin Flame souls toward Unity is a microcosm of what is happening throughout the Universe and Galaxy in our evolution toward Unity for all of Humanity. When we are able to recognize and treat all relationships (including governments & nations) as family, with the care and devotion we feel and express for our Twin Flames, knowing by our experience the Truth of Oneness with all that is, we will witness a world that has transcended fear and separation and ascended to a world of Love and Unity.

Even when you have not incarnated with your Twin Flame or, perhaps, have simply not yet met in this lifetime, the following remains true:

  • You still have the ability to be close to and to deepen the relationship with your Twin Flame – it becomes a matter of intention.
  • Just as you have the awareness of communicating with your guides and teachers in spirit, you have a special relationship with your Twin Flame and can ask to deepen your awareness through journaling, meditation, or other contemplative time spent together
  • You may ask for help from your Twin Flame as you would from a devoted, wise, and trusted friend

We will discuss Twin Souls, Soul Mates and other Sacred Divine relationships in upcoming posts. As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments. Please feel free to share this with your friends who may have an interest via Facebook or by email.


Wendy & Jay


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