“The vivid images and emotional recollections you helped me access have remained in my heart and mind, and truly shifted my life.  I am eternally grateful to you for your professional skill, and the compassionate way you created a safe space for me to allow myself to take my heart and soul places they’d never been before.”

(Jonna Rae Bartges – Weaverville, NC)

“I am so glad you recorded the session so I do not have to wonder if I have lost something. The first lifetime experience explains much.  It was heavy, real.  Except for some of the remembrances being so vivid and some of your questions stimulating new and vivid information; I might wonder if I were imagining. But it felt so real and explains/confirms so much of the past. I cherish the time with you.”

“I don’t even begin to understand all of this, but that is okay. I just know I was very drawn to coming today. And when I made that sudden leap to another time–well, it was so real. The heaviness is suddenly gone.  I can almost taste the flatbread baked on stone.”

“I give thanks for you this night, for the time with you, for the gift  that you both have entered my life, and for the fact that you both are willing to commit to this certification that can make a difference in the lives of others and thus in the world. You have become Anam Cara for me. I give thanks. Gratitude and love to you and Jay.”

(R.M. – Black Mountain, NC)

It took several days to think and process the information from the session since I lacked the knowledge for that area. I still think about it every day and include “Joy” in my affirmation meditation to help me understand and also to help me find my path which is not clear yet. Thank you so much for the session and giving me another road to explore.”

(C.B. – Florida)