Soul Path and Purpose, Past Life and Between Life Soul Regression, Oneness, and other delights!

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Soul Path and Purpose, Past Life and Between Life Soul Regression, Oneness, and other delights! What is this all about? This is the first post in what will be a regular feature of Anam Cara Spirit – we call it ‘Soul Speak’. We will explore many facets of soul growth, understanding our relationship with our own soul, past life and between lives soul regression, Divine Relationships including Twin Flames and Soul Mates, Oneness Consciousness and more. Our desire is to foster an ever expanding dialogue on these and many other topics. And we mean dialogue – we want to learn about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as we share ours with you.

When your soul speaks are you listening? When we established our “Anam Cara Foundation” in 2000 we knew its essence would be all about “illumination of soul path and purpose” but we didn’t know what an adventure the journey would be! Our most recent sojourn into the spirit world has been to become certified soul regression therapists. We have found that the information that comes forward to individuals in these sessions is always unique and has purpose for healing issues in their life today.

We are so excited about this work and how it is opening up a powerful thread of communication not only to one’s inner divinity and Higher Self but to our connection to the All or Oneness in the Universe that includes all of life.

This blog is our way to radiate out to the world, sharing as many of these “threads of illumination” that we can with our readers as we are all on this journey together. We have a common thread as human beings on this planet. We are all connected and in the collaborative sense, coming to an expanded awareness of this Oneness even though we experience being in a body separate from others. Part of our growing awareness comes from knowing ourselves deeply and authentically.

For us, part of the journey of “going within” has been to discover the multidimensional cellular memory that some call “past lives” that we all have access to, especially in a trance state achieved through the process of hypnosis. The richness of these memories has provided many insights and healing for ourselves and our clients. We believe each of us has “a calling” that makes itself known to us according to a divine timetable of sorts as we become more committed to our spiritual path. This is our soul urging us to follow our etheric blueprint or soul plan that we co-created prior to birth into this incarnation. Everyone creates a plan with the assistance of their guides and teachers in spirit.

Now more than ever we are being called to wake up to the awareness that we are souls incarnate in bodies having a human experience. We all have a part to play as we integrate into the whole. So how can we navigate this sometimes chaotic world on a daily basis? This is what we wish to explore in our blog and posts to you, our readers, as we learn and share “what do I need to know today?” to be the most joy filled human you can be  to express yourself in a loving and supportive way, creating peace first within yourself and then bringing that to the world.

How can we as individuals and as a group raise and expand our consciousness and tap into knowledge and healing assistance from the Spiritual Realms? Would you be interested in the loving and supportive information coming from our Star Brothers and Sisters in the 5th dimension (and above)? We know that our Mother Earth as a planetary being is in the process of ascending to the 5th dimension and that as sentient beings on the planet, we are moving through the same process. We are moving from the dense 3rd dimension, where time and space hold so much of our attention, to the 5th dimension, where illness does not exist and all thought and actions are collaborative to benefit the whole, which includes the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms; all of life.

In this blog, we will address topics such as past life and between life soul regression, pre-birth plans, communication with our Guides, relationships with God/Spirit, including our Star Brothers and Sisters from neighboring planets and galaxies; the Brotherhood of the Light (Ascended Masters), alignment with our soul path and the process of Ascension as we all experience it in our daily lives with increased awareness. From time to time we will include links to other sites and articles that we feel offer excellent tools and inspiration for self discovery and growth.

We look forward to your thoughtful input and feedback as we create a dialogue together. Above all remember that your heart is your true compass and connection to the Divine that directs your life. It is important to keep the Light channel open that connects your [Universal Mind] to your heart for you to receive clear guidance for your soul journey in this lifetime.

Together we are ONE. Namaste and welcome to our blog! Please visit us often!

Many Blessings

Wendy & Jay


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