Visioned Relationship-Sacred Unions

“The Visioned Relationship”

In this workshop, we will touch on many of the same aspects as those in our workshop “Relationships” and “My Sacred Covenant”, with a particular focus on relationship as a partnership and couple. Learn to celebrate the unique qualities you each bring to your relationship and how you offer each other blessed opportunities to grow together.  In this workshop, we will touch on many aspects that affect who we are as individuals, and in relationship with an intimate partner in our life.  You will learn about the core issues or patterns of behavior and belief systems that may be sabotaging your intimate relationship.  We will focus on healing the core issues within yourself, so that you are able to be in relationship, feeling whole and complete.  This program offers tools to help you recognize when you are projecting your issues on to your partner, and vice versa, and learn tools to heal this behavior in your relationship.  Learn how to help and support each other without giving up your personal power.

“Sacred Unions: Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Unity Consciousness”

“Sacred Union is any union in which the parties to the relationship (including with Self) is one with God. Once a commitment at the Divine level is made, there is a change at the cellular level that cannot be reversed. With sacred unions, there is a level of consciousness that has been attained; the soul has evolved to Unity Consciousness. Sacred Unions are more a degree of consciousness than type. The individuals in a sacred union reflect Unity Consciousness/Source. They are mirrors to each other and radiate “oneness” to all.” Jeshua

In this workshop we explore the different types of Divine and Sacred Relationships including Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soul Mates and others. We will help the participants learn about their Twin Flame (did you know that everyone has a Twin Flame?); whether they have, or will have a Soul Mate relationship in their current life, how they can manifest such a relationship, and more.

While it is true that certain types of Divine Relationships are created at a Soul Level and the connection during an incarnation may have been pre-planned during the creation of the pre-birth life plan, all relationships have the potential to be a sacred union. As a person is willing to commit to one’s own personal growth; this is the biggest influence to creating “sacred union” with a partner in relationship.

As we speak of them here, Divine Relationships are what we each desire at the core of our being. Here the inner light of each is honored. This is the essence of our holiness and source. All Divine Relationships are intended to assist in creating more harmony in relationships worldwide by recognizing the divinity in self and others. We will look deeply at how this level of relationship can be developed. We will look closely at the relationship between these Divine Relationships and the progression of humanity to a world of true Oneness – Unity Consciousness.