My Sacred Covenant: Living the Authentic Life

“My Sacred Covenant: Living the Authentic Life” is the first day presentation of a 2-day workshop. This powerful workshop can be done as a 1-day workshop or combined with My Sacred Covenant: Living the Authentic Life (Day 2) as a two day program.  In Day 1 we are exploring the path to revealing the Authentic Self.  An essential part of the discovery of Authentic Self involves healing our core issues and giving ourselves permission to “rewrite” our story, thus reflecting the Truth of “who we are”.  The experiential work and interactive processes in this workshop will give you tremendous insight into how the significant people and events in your life have shaped your current beliefs and behavior patterns.  These processes will assist you in healing your core issues, allowing you a new perspective from which you can create a belief system (a new “story”) which is supportive of the Truth of “Who You Are”.  Additionally we will assist you in writing a Personal Sacred Covenant, which is a statement of the mission, vision and purpose of your life and the intentions that will allow them to manifest in your experience.  In this program you will answer, with great clarity and personal power, the questions “Who am I, really?”  What do I truly want? What is my purpose in life? and “What are my intentions?”

Explore your gifts, talents, and skills as they relate to your Soul Purpose and Life Path.  Each person is a unique expression of God’s love.  We all come into this world with gifts and there are many ways to express these gifts.  The process of revealing and expressing your gifts is your Life Path.  Learn to trust the “messages” you receive as guidance from your Inner Wisdom Self.  In this workshop, we will use experiential processes to assist you in discovering and connecting with the gifts you came to express and help you to separate “who you are” from “what you do”.  We will guide you in the exploration of the unlimited ways available for you to express your Authentic Self through the things you do and gain the freedom that reveals the path to right livelihood and personal fulfillment.  Now that you have knowledge of your Authentic Self, learn tools to deepen that knowledge and live your life from that place of Authenticity.