Private and Group Sessions

Illuminating Soul Path and Purpose


We offer private soul and life path counseling sessions and group events in a number of formats. These sessions and programs are intended to offer tools to co-create a life filled with joy and creative expression.


Private Sessions are focused on assisting individuals and couples in exploring life challenges, relationship issues, and other concerns while seeking solutions, resolution, and balance with a spiritually oriented approach.

The essence of all of our work through Anam Cara is to facilitate the illumination of soul path and purpose for your life journey!


Our Workshop Programs offer an opportunity for individuals, couples, or groups to explore life and soul path at a deep and creative level in a small group setting.  The workshops incorporate periods of discussion, reflection, experiential work, and interactive processes.  Participants are guided in exploration and discovery of Authentic Self and learn practical tools for living authentically, with intention. Learn to dialogue with your Higher Self.

  • My Sacred Covenant: Living the Authentic Life (2 Day Program). Discover and heal false beliefs that you have held about yourself and your life. Create a new, true vision of who you really area. In this program we will focus on:
    • Healing core issues of false belief
    • Revealing the Truth of your Authentic Self
    • Identifying and expressing your gifts as your life path
    • Becoming clear about your personal Mission, Vision, Purpose and Intentions and creating your Sacred Covenant to allow you to express them.
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  • The Visioned Relationship: A Joining of Souls. In this program we expand the elements from My Sacred Covenant to a shared experience with a loved one. It can also allow a person manifest the Divine Relationship they are seeking. In this program we will focus on:
    • Healing core issues for self to create the relationship each of you desire or attract the partner that your heart is seeking.
    • Learning to use ‘Visioning’ as a tool to create clarity and harmony in your relationship
    • Discovering how to be in relationship feeling whole and complete
    • Learning tools to recognize when you are projecting your issues to a partner
    • Creating a shared Purpose, Declaration and Intentions for your relationship
  • Sacred Unions: Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Unity Consciousness. In this workshop we explore the different types of Divine and Sacred Relationships including Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soul Mates and others. We will focus on:
    • Relationship as a “Divine mirror”
    • Divine Relationships: Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soul Mates and more – what they are, how they work, and how they contribute to the expansion of Unity Consciousness.
    • Learn how all relationships have the potential to be a sacred union and share in experiential process that can access that potential.
    • The true nature of relationships – Come to understand how all of life is contained in relationship and how the quality of our relationships is the quality of our life experience
    • Learn how all Divine Relationships are intended to assist in creating more harmony in relationships at all levels worldwide by recognizing the divinity in self and others. We will look deeply at how this level of relationship can be developed.
    • Unity Consciousness: We will explore how the awareness that we are all ONE is more than simply a nice concept; how moving it from concept to our experience of life will transform our world.
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Fee schedule will vary – please contact us for more information.