Life Between Lives Soul Regression


Prior to birth, all of us receive assistance from our guides and wise elders as we choose, through soul agreements, our body type, personality, parents, siblings and friends, health and many of our life circumstances and events that will shape our lives. Each lifetime is planned to offer the greatest potential for a soul to progress on its overall plan or mission. This is how we, as souls, gain wisdom from our life experience. As we gain wisdom, our vibration increases, which enhances the Universal Consciousness.

Why would someone want to experience a Life Between Lives Soul Regression? A BLSR session offers a human being an opportunity to experience themselves as pure spirit as their core soul self in the spiritual realm. The information that is accessed on this journey, while facilitated by a trained practitioner, is completely orchestrated by one’s spirit guide for the benefit of insights and healing in the current life. Learn how to tap into your Divinity, your inner wise self.

Your present can influence and heal your past. So experiencing a Past Life or Life Between Lives Soul Regression can affect your current life physically and emotionally. The increased awareness motivates changes in behavior in the present.

A BLSR session may answer the following personal questions or give you an experience that brings insights about your life:

  • Who am I at my soul’s core?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • Who is/are my spirit guide(s)?
  • Experience of a significant past life
  • Why do I have an aversion (or attraction) to certain foods, geographic locations, and specific periods of history or to specific people in my life?
  • Healing issues of loss or grief
  • Experiencing the spiritual realm and ourselves as pure spirit
  • Receiving general healing
  • Reviewing significant past lives
  • Meeting our spirit guides
  • Encounters with our Soul Family
  • Meeting our Wise Elders (Council)
  • Learning about our Life/Soul Purpose and Plan

All of us wish to grow and evolve in our lives. Often a trauma or loss motivates an individual to seek a soul regression as a way to gain a deeper understanding of certain painful events or unhealthy relationship patterns that seem to recur. Soul Regression is a wonderful way to bring clarity and focus; to align with your soul path and purpose expressing your passion and joy.



2 Hour (Past Life) PLSR session: $150.00
4 Hour (Between Lives) BLSR session: $300.00


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