Anam Cara Foundation

Illuminating Soul Path and Purpose

In 2000, Wendy Lynn Nethersole and Jay Aílan Whitham created The Anam Cara Foundation™ as a vehicle for expression of their life purpose.  Anam Cara is an ancient Celtic concept that embraces the…blessing of Soul Friendship; a deep and intimate relationship with our own soul.  When we know the very truth of our being and are able to accept and love the beauty, power, strength, and creativity that is who we are, we become the Anam Cara, the Soul Friend. And, like ripples in a pond, our Truth radiates into the world bringing joy, healing, and peace.  Your Anam Cara presence inspires all to seek their own truth and, as they do, waves of Anam Cara Spirit are set forth on an endless sea of love; finding their way to the limitless shores of all creation. The relationship with our own soul establishes the capacity for “soul friendship” with others.  A world filled with those who know the truth of “who they truly are”, expressing their unique God given gifts as their life purpose, is a world that knows only peace.

“Illumination of soul path and purpose” is the underlying principle that infuses all of what Wendy and Jay offer through Anam Cara in their workshops, classes, and spiritual life coaching for individuals and couples as well as their individual healing practices.  In essence, we believe that we must first gain clarity about who we really are; come to know our “Authentic Self” – become a friend to our own soul.  Only from that place of authentic self can we discover our true purpose.  Our purpose is not about “doing”; it is always about “being”.  It is our experience of who we are, not what we do, that brings us the fulfillment that calls to us from deep within.  When we bring our “true” self together with our passions, talents, skills, and creativity, we find that there are unlimited ways to take action that allow us to remain aligned with our truth.  We are then freed from the concept that it is the action that fulfills us.

We live in extraordinary times in the world.  We believe we have all chosen to be here now and have unique purposes which together form a blended Unity.  In this Aquarian Age we are part of a new paradigm energy from which the Divine Feminine is re-emerging with a strength and power not seen since ancient times. If we are ever going to create a peaceful world, we must learn to honor and blend both the masculine and feminine aspects we all have present within us as a part of our divinity and source. This is an empowered soul space which is not the same as power over someone or something.  When we are each inspired to live an empowered life, we come from a place of inner peace and are free to express our sacred creative gifts in a supportive and loving way.

We must all learn to access and use our inner guidance in this most sacred space. One of the beautiful mysteries of life is that the events and situations that appear as our most difficult challenges contain the seeds of our greatest blessings and deep fulfillment. Our guidance assists us to transcend these challenges through personal and soul growth. At The Anam Cara Foundation™ we are dedicated to creating peace in the world one person at a time through illumination of soul path and purpose.